Video Ideas: Hopes & Fears

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There are a lot of promises and concerns around genomic technology. This category can includes all the great things we have heard about genomics and further exploration into these topics. We have heard that there will be new understandings of diseases based on genomics and it will drastically change health care.

  1. Will genomics impact healthcare? In what way?
  2. Will our physicians and other healthcare professionals be prepared for the new information and technology? Note: there is some concern that the education of genetics for health care providers is lagging behind – does that matter?
  3. Will patients turn to consumer tests as an easy way to get information before our health care system can catch up?
  4. Some people think that knowing one has a genetic predisposition will encourage patients to adopt lifestyle changes – do you agree?
    a. If so, why do people still smoke if there is a risk of cancers?
    b. Does it matter how risk is explained?
    c. Do you think that people will think genetic predisposition equals certainty?
  5. Will knowing the particular genetic defects matter more than a family history? How? Why?
  6. One reason to study the mechanisms of disease is to create drugs that will compensate for differences. If we change things to prevent disease, is it OK to change them for improvements?
    EPO can help cancer patients avoid life-threatening anemia but can also be used to improve performance in sport
    Drugs to slow dementia may be useful to boost memory and focus in regular people
  7. Is GATTACA going to happen? Is it already here?