Announcing a Film Competition!

Post Date: January 21st, 2010


Can any of us go a day without seeing a reference to genetics; on TV shows, in books and newspapers, in advertisements. product names and in songs? The field of genetics fascinates many people and provides buzz words and ideas across our culture.

But what is real?

Do genes explain all behaviour? Will gene therapy happen? Is the world of genetics as seen on TV accurate?

The BC Clinical Genomics Network and Genome BC are holding the first annual genetics film competition, exploring the world of human genetics. Winning films will accurately portray the current and near-future clinical science in an exciting way – first prize is $3,500. Our goal is to bring scientists and filmmakers together to encourage learning, understanding and communication. ┬áThe aim of the films is to educate and excite the public and healthcare professionals about this fascinating field.

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