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bccgnThe British Columbia Clinical Genomics Network (BCCGN) supports the advancement of scientific knowledge and its application to improved health outcomes in British Columbia through its network of clinical investigators and coordinated access to state-of-the-art genomic technologies, genetic research methodologies and support services.

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Genome British Columbia is a research organization that invests in and manages large-scale genomics and proteomics research projects and science and technology platforms. The scope of its work focuses on areas of strategic and economic importance to British Columbia, Canada and, in fact, the world such as human health, forestry, fisheries, agriculture, bioenergy, mining, and the environment.  In addition, a critical element of responsible genomics research is to provide a forum through which accompanying environmental, ethical, economic, legal and social issues can be explored so that the context for scientific research remains focused and relevant to society.
For more information, visit our websites at www.genomebc.ca


Inquiries and Additional Information:
Lesley Phillips, BC Clinical Genomics Network
Email: contact@genescreenbc.com
Phone: 604 875-2000 ext. 5980
Website: www.genescreenbc.com

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